Pair with a fuel gas for maximum versatility.

Oxygen is most commonly known as a gas which aids combustion for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering.

Sometimes, you can also use this gas as an assist gas for plasma/laser cutting mild steel, or thermal lancing of masonry (brick, concrete and stone).

Using Oxygen with a fuel gas (such as Acetylene) produces a much higher flame temperature than when used with other fuel gas types, and supports combustion of materials that would not ordinarily burn.

we supply single cylinders in a variety of sizes; 10 litre to 50 litre which are fitted with industry standard BS3 valves, the perfect product for mobile applications.

This product is not suitable for medical use and there are many materials which are not compatible with Oxygen, therefore we urge you to comply with all safe working practices when using Oxygen in your workplace.

Cylinder Sizes