Popular for heating, cutting and gas welding.

Acetylene is an industry standard fuel gas which you can use to give an incredibly high flame temperature; consequently providing faster cutting speeds, increasing productivity and improving cut quality.

Additionally, with the ability to provide a neutral flame, it is also the most versatile fuel gas, making it ideal for welding, heat treating, brazing, cutting and heating.

We supply a number of cylinder sizes which are suitable for a wide variety of industrial operations, from a portable 10 litre for on-site fabrication to the larger 50 litre cylinders which suit heavier cutting applications both fitted with a BS4 valve.

Please note that in accordance to the Acetylene Safety Regulations 2014, flashback arrestors must be fitted when connected to Oxygen-Acetylene equipment. We can also supply a wide range of safety equipment including acetone resistant hose (red), which will help you adhere to all Acetylene safety guidelines in place by the BCGA and HSE.

Cylinder Sizes