We are agents for Tanasio Industrial Gases Ltd. We can provide a full range of welding gases from acetylene to oxygen and specialist blends as required, in all cylinder sizes for craftsmen with a small workshop to larger manufacturers. We provide quality products in sizes to suit your needs at a price to suit your pocket. We can supply both rental cylinder or a rent-free cylinder from the Dragon Range of cylinders.

Welding Gas Range

Rent Cylinders Cylinder Volume Dragon Deposit Cylinders Cylinder Volume
Argon 50 Litre/20 Litre/10 Litre Argon 20 Litre/10 Litre
Gwynedd 5 - Argon 5 50 Litre/20 Litre/10 Litre Gwynedd 5 - Argon 5 20 Litre/10 Litre
Gwynedd 15 -Argon 15 50 Litre/20 Litre/10 Litre Gwynedd 15 -Argon 15 20 Litre/10 Litre
Gwynedd 20 - Argon 20 50 Litre/20 Litre/10 Litre
Oxygen 50 Litre/20 Litre/10 Litre Oxygen 20 Litre/10 Litre
Acetylene 50 Litre/20 Litre/10 Litre Acetylene 20 Litre/10 Litre
Helium 50 Litre/20 Litre/10 Litre
Nitrogen 20 Litre/10 Litre

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Whether you are a domestic or a commercial customer, if you need Calor Gas, coal, firewood or welding gas & supplies we have the product for you. We are proud of our first-class reliable service, we offer excellent value, backed up by technical knowledge and our absolute commitment to providing you with the most appropriate solution for your needs. Our recycled plastic garden furniture, fencing and traffic products and wood burning & multi fuel stoves continue our policy of offering quality products at an affordable cost, not low-quality products at cheap prices! Our commitment to our customers has driven our award-winning family business growth over the last decade. Please feel free to browse our products and if you have any queries we would be pleased to help