Welding Gas Range

We stock a wide range of industrial gasses for various needs. From Acetylene bottles to our gwynedd range, ranging  from 5% mixed to 15% for all your welding needs. All rented bottles can be purchased in sizes 10L, 20L or 50L. As for our Dragon range these bottle can be purchased in sizes 10L or 20L

Rent Free VS Rented

For our industrial gas bottles we offer two different plans for payment. The first being a rented monthly plan where you can pay a set amount monthly to finance your bottle. The second plan being purchasing from our dragon range which consist of rent free bottles. This method allows the customer to pay a deposit for their bottle.

  • The Gwynedd Range is an Argon / co2 mix gas specifically designed for MIG welding steel. You can expect improved performance, better weld characteristics and enhanced travel speed....

  • Oxygen is commonly and traditionally used with a fuel gas such as propane or Acetylene for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering. Oxygen enable a much higher flame temperature...

  • Argon gas is a pure gas used for TIG welding carbon steel, aluminium, stainless stell, copper and alloys

  • Acetylene is used for general cutting and welding producing the hottest and most effective flame of all fuel gases.