Sureshield 20

Strong and robust carbon steel welding gas.

Sureshield 20 is one of our heavy duty MIG/MAG shielding gases, designed for sheet carbon, low alloy and carbon manganese steels of a thickness over 10mm.

With the highest percentage of Carbon Dioxide in the Sureshield range, this product is best suited when deep penetration is required. Sureshield 20 provides superb arc stability as well as strong, reliable welds.

Sureshield 20 is available in our range of standard industrial cylinders, all fitted with a BS3 valve for maximum compatibility in your business. This gas can also be supplied in our VIPR range, a cylinder with integrated regulator, designed for maximum safety, speed and control.

In addition, this gas is also available in two packs – 11 x 50 litre (at 230 bar) and 12 x 50 litre (at 300 bar) – perfect for heavy welding in large use industries and automated welding solutions.

For thinner materials, we would recommend looking at our Sureshield 5 and Sureshield 15.

Cylinder Sizes