Sureshield 15

Versatile shielding gas for mild steel.

A shielding tri-mix for MIG/MAG welding low alloy, carbon manganese and sheet carbon steels, Sureshield 15 performs best on thicker sections of 6mm and over.

Sureshield 15 provides excellent penetration characteristics, reduced spatter, wire consumption and post-weld work. This versatile shielding gas is also very tolerant to variations in weld setting parameters.

Supplied in two heavy duty pack options for fixed installations/high consumption industries, and our range of single cylinders ideally suited for the back of welding trolleys to provide maximum mobility in the workshop.

For materials thicker than 10mm, we would recommend looking at our Sureshield 20. Alternatively, if you are using sheet metal, you may be better suited with our Sureshield 5.

Cylinder Sizes