Deposit Welding Gas

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  • Acetylene

    Gas Price From £134.00£184.00
    Acetylene is the hottest and most efficient fuel gas on the market, making it the preferred product for many applications. It is also the only fuel gas hot enough to weld steel. When using our oxygen and acetylene together, flame temperatures can reach an amazing 3200°C (5792°F). You will typically use between 2 to 3 times the amount of oxygen as you would acetylene so don’t let the smaller size of our cylinder put you off. Using a number 5 welding nozzle with this gas cylinder will typically provide over 5 hours of welding time. This gas becoming increasingly difficult to source for the small user. Hobbyweld now have the rent-free answer! Combine this gas bottle with our Hobbyweld Oxygen cylinder for the perfect portable rent-free gas welding kit
  • Helium

    Gas Price From £108.00£325.00
    Helium is a gas lighter than air, with more applications than you might think. This helium bottle is the same size and is filled to the same pressure as our welding cylinders providing the capability to fill a massive number of balloons, making it perfect for weddings, birthdays, festive parties and much more. The capacity of this gas cylinder makes it a great alternative to disposable party pack bottles and much cheaper for larger parties too. There are a number of fittings which can be used with our helium cylinder, ones specifically for latex balloons, and some which fill foil balloons and larger professional tools with hoses and guns which cater for both types. If you have a large event coming up soon, you will not be disappointed with the value of this gas cylinder
  • Hobbyweld 15

    Gas Price £94.50
    (83% Argon, 15% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Oxygen)
    As Hobbyweld 15 has been given the name ‘universal’ gas by customers, this shows that the gas can be used for many applications. This gas mix contains a higher CO2 content than the Hobbyweld 5 so offers combined benefits of good welding performance and minimal spatter make it very popular among the agricultural, on-site and mobile welding market.  This gas is used in structural steel work and general fabrication. Hobbyweld 15 is recommended for use with mild steel at a thickness of over 7mm. For thinner materials, please look at Hobbyweld 5.
    Cylinder Deposit
    950 mm
    200 mm
    Tare Weight (approx.)
    32 kg
  • Hobbyweld 5

    Gas Price From £49.00£94.50
    (93% Argon, 5% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Oxygen)
    As the most popular MIG welding gas mix, there are an abundance of benefits Hobbyweld 5 can provide. This gas is simple to use and produces a stable arc which results in less spatter and clean up time for the end user, this makes it much more forgiving to the less gifted welder. Hobbyweld 5 provides good penetration and fusion, making this gas is an optimum choice for MIG welding. This gas is popular with vehicle restoration enthusiasts and provides the best weld quality for bodywork. This product is recommended for use with sheet or thin sections of mild steel at a thickness of less than 7mm. For thicker steel, please look at Hobbyweld 15.
  • Hobbyweld Argon

    Gas Price From £69.00£130.00
    Argon is generally used when TIG welding stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium – it can also be used on a MIG welder for aluminium and alloys in conjunction with the correct MIG wire. Argon is typically suitable for most TIG welding applications providing a capability of welding at any depth. The repair of alloy wheels, farming equipment, vehicle body panels, model work and metals used for model aircraft are among many of Argon’s popular uses; however, it is also used in many applications that you wouldn’t expect, such as filling the gap between your double glazing and the space in a light bulb.
  • Oxygen

    Gas Price From £40.00£86.50
    Oxygen is commonly and traditionally used with a fuel gas (acetylene, propane or propylene) for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering. This supports the combustion of these gases and enables a much higher flame temperature to be achieved in comparison with air. Our oxygen cylinders are filled from a bulk tank which ensures optimum purity, a 1% reduction in purity can increase consumption of oxygen by 20% or more, so you can see the benefits of a professionally filled gas bottle. Combine this gas bottle with our Hobbyweld acetylene cylinder for the perfect portable rent-free gas welding kit.