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  • Calero Bar

    The stable outdoor bar is the perfect further development of our top seller Calero bench and table. With bar stools and high tables you can design completely new sitting and standing areas, whether in a café, the market place or a private terrace. The bar stools are delivered part-assembled, the bar table consists of a few individual parts which are quickly and easily screwed together. As simple as the cubic design is, as variable and flexible is the composition of the Calero-Bar. Combine bar stools in the desired quantity with the high table or use it without stool - maybe even all year round as an outdoor worktable?
    • Calero Stool
    • Seat area: 38 x 50 cm
    • Seat height: 80 cm
    • Part-assembled on delivery
    • Calero High Table
    • Table area: 68 x 150 cm
    • Table height: 110 cm
    • Delivered as a kit, Assembly instruction and materials are included.
    • Can also be used as work bench / table all year round
    • Optional: Ground anchor Type 1
  • Calero Table

    With its clean lines, straight edges and minimalist shape, the Calero is more than just a table: it’s a design object. When used with matching Calero benches, this winning combination is cool, impressively simple and fits perfectly into any modern or urban surrounding.
    • Previous name: Keswick Table (KS150)
    • Table area: 67 x 150 cm
    • Table height: 75 cm
    • Less is more – that is Calero
    • Optional: Ground anchor type 2
  • Hyde Park Table

    The table „Hyde Park“ perfectly complements our seating ensemble “Hyde Park“. The straight-lined design of this series reflects the trend of modern cubic architecture. Additional under floor supports in length direction of the edges are lending enhanced stability to the table board. On both ends this table provides barrier free access to wheel chair users.
    • Widths: 195 cm and 165 cm
    • 8 table boards: 180/150 x 10 x 4.7 cm
    • Table height: 80 cm
    • Barrier free access to wheel chair users on table ends
    • Optional: Ground anchor type 3
  • Taunus Table

    The Taunus table is a real picnic-in-the-woods favourite! The table stands on two log-like legs for a rustic and uncomplicated look. With five planks for the table top, the Taunus is the image of simplicity. What’s more it’s easy to install as it only needs two legs to be secured into the ground.
    • Previous name: Ullswater Table (UL200)
    • Table area: 68 x 200 cm
    • 5 table planks: 200 x 12 x 4.7 cm
    • Table height: 75 cm
    • The "forest table"
    • Lots of legroom
  • Tivoli Table

    The Tivoli is everything an outdoor table should be. It’s strong, free standing, easy to clean and attractive. It also brings people together for celebrating, socialising or just taking a break. Equally at home with good food and good company, enjoy the good things in life with the Tivoli.
    • Previous names: Aberdeen A (A200), Goodwood 1 (G/L200) and Tavistock (T150)
    • Table surface: 70 x 200/150 cm
    • 5 table boards: 200/150 x 12 x 4.7 cm
    • Table height: 75 cm
    • Optional: Ground anchor type 1