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  • Iberis Planter

    The Iberis planter is available in five different styles: three square, two rectangular. Due to its neutral, inconspicuous and cube-like shape, this planter blends in especially well in town and urban surroundings. Additional benefit: height can be increased with an add-on layer.
    • Previous name: Beaumaris
    • Square sizes: 70 x 70, 110 x 110 and 140 x 140 cm
    • Rectangular sizes: 110 x 70 and 140 x 110 cm
    • Height: 47 cm
    • Height can be increased with add-on layers
    • Modern neutral shape
  • Muscari Planter

    Planters need to be tough, especially if they’re intended to beautify public spaces. Not only can weather, birds, animals and the plants themselves take their toll, they can often be the targets for vandalism. The Muscari is especially solid and substantial. Available in three colours.
    • Previous name: Braemar
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 130 x 60 x 50 cm
    • 3 different colours
  • Terra Raised Bed

    Raised bed systems make difficult garden work that little bit easier. Raising the plants and soil above ground-level means no more tiresome bending. Terra raised beds come with complete side sections for quick and easy assembly. We also have a kids’ version on offer (see Playground furniture).
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 190 x 90 x 83 cm
    • Doesn’t decompose, unlike wood
    • Weather-resistant
    • Simplifies the garden work
    • Quick assembly
    • Also available as a 60 cm high kids’ version
  • Vinca Planter

    The Vinca’s eye-catching hexagonal design is available in four different sizes. If required, the Vinca can be further adapted with add-on layers, which increase the height by 12 cm per section. Adaptable, versatile and stylish: that’s the Vinca.
    • Previous name: Beccles
    • Outer diameter: Between 88 and 166 cm
    • Height: 44 cm
    • Height can be increased with add-on layers
    • Distinctive hexagonal shape
    • Many sizes and variations