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  • Pale and Post

    Fence boards and fence posts are impervious to the influence of weather and soil contact. The posts can be set directly into the ground. Pales made of recycled plastic can also be used for repairs, provided an existing support structure is still intact. Our fence boards and posts are delivered with rounded off heads as standard.
    • Length of pales: 60 to 150 cm
    • Length of fence posts: 75 to 200 cm
    • Profile measurements: 2 x 6 cm and 3 x 10 cm
    • Matching fence posts: 9 x 9 cm
    • Maintenance-free
    • Never paint again
  • Pasture Fence

    Quality can be this convenient. This classic pasture fence is very easy to install: simply insert the crossbars (3 or 5 pieces) into the recesses of the posts, lock each with a screw and you’re finished! In addition, the posts and boards are not only made of the hard-wearing, long-lasting, but they are also reinforced. A really tough fence. Corners and direction changes can be implemented by installing pasture fence connectors.
    • Post dimensions: 11 x 10 x 230 cm
    • Dimensions of crossbars: 4.2 x 12 x 250 cm
    • Option of 3 or 5 crossbars
    • Simple bar inserting system ensures quick installment
    • Extremely stable because of reinforcement
  • Pasture fence gate

    This padded gate will withstand a lot. Because it is made of the highly robust, which is reinforced by a reinforcement. In conjunction with the proven effective locking mechanism, you have the guarantee that nobody ausüxt.
    • Dimensions (L x D x H): 394 x 12 x 250 cm
    • Available with 3 or 5 cross bars
    • Brown posts with galvanized steel for highest stability
    • Bite- and weather resistant
    • User friendly construction
  • Picket fence panel

    Fence building is child’s play with fence panels. Easy to fit, good-looking and maintenance-free. No more painting!
    • Various styles
    • Available in various sizes
    • Fence-building made easy
    • Weather-resistant
    • The permanent solution
  • Ultra board profile

    We supply our high-grade Ultra board in all the most commonly-used sizes. The wide selection is just one of the benefits of choosing Ultra. Its ability to span larger gaps is another big advantage as well as durability, easy handling and high quality finish.
    • Lengths: Up to 360 cm depending on the model
    • Numerous widths and thicknesses
    • High grade blend of materials
    • Homogeneous surface texture
    • Quality appearance
    • Easy to handle
  • Ultra pale

    Ultra pales are particularly impressive to look at. They’re often mistaken for real wood but have very different properties. They don’t rot, splinter, crack or shrink and they don’t need re-painting every couple of years.
    • Lengths: Between 90 and 360 cm
    • Long-lasting appearance
    • Ideal for schools and playgrounds
    • Can be used to repair existing fences
    • Easy to handle