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  • Bollard, dome shaped (ø 15 cm Hollow profile)

    The solid-looking, round-headed design gives this bollard a smart but regulating appearance. Great for anything from quiet country parks to pulsing city centres.
    • Length: 150 cm
    • Diameter: 15 cm
    • Rot-resistant
    • Weather-resistant
    • Easy to handle
  • Bollard, dome shaped (ø 20 cm Hollow profile)

    This larger version of the dome shaped bollard looks particularly imposing, especially in grey due to its concrete-like appearance. Whatever the colour, the message is clear: “Keep your distance”.
    • Length: 120 and 150 cm
    • Diameter: 20 cm
    • Maximum protection
    • Keeps spaces clear
    • Recyclable
    • Neat and regular appearance
  • Bollard, with pyramid head

    Due to the unusual head shape, our pyramid head bollards draw attention in almost any setting. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do: keep spaces clear.
    • Length: 165 cm
    • Profile measurements: 12 x 12 cm
    • Distinctive shape
    • Noticeable presence
    • Effective protection
  • Diamond head bollard

    Bollards are an effective way to direct and control traffic. They send a clear message and can prevent cars from parking on pavements or blocking cycle lanes. The diamond head bollard is particularly useful in urban settings.
    • Length: 140 cm
    • Profile measurements: 14 x 14 cm
    • Created for urban surroundings