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  • Bollard, dome shaped (ø 15 cm Hollow profile)

    The solid-looking, round-headed design gives this bollard a smart but regulating appearance. Great for anything from quiet country parks to pulsing city centres.
    • Length: 150 cm
    • Diameter: 15 cm
    • Rot-resistant
    • Weather-resistant
    • Easy to handle
  • Bollard, dome shaped (ø 20 cm Hollow profile)

    This larger version of the dome shaped bollard looks particularly imposing, especially in grey due to its concrete-like appearance. Whatever the colour, the message is clear: “Keep your distance”.
    • Length: 120 and 150 cm
    • Diameter: 20 cm
    • Maximum protection
    • Keeps spaces clear
    • Recyclable
    • Neat and regular appearance
  • Bollard, with pyramid head

    Due to the unusual head shape, our pyramid head bollards draw attention in almost any setting. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do: keep spaces clear.
    • Length: 165 cm
    • Profile measurements: 12 x 12 cm
    • Distinctive shape
    • Noticeable presence
    • Effective protection
  • Diamond head bollard

    Bollards are an effective way to direct and control traffic. They send a clear message and can prevent cars from parking on pavements or blocking cycle lanes. The diamond head bollard is particularly useful in urban settings.
    • Length: 140 cm
    • Profile measurements: 14 x 14 cm
    • Created for urban surroundings
  • Handrail system

    The handrail system is equally simple – just vertical posts and reinforced cross-members. These two elements can be combined for countless purposes using the threaded connectors included in the set. Perfect for safe crossings or for bordering access routes.
    • Length of posts: 150 cm
    • Length of crossbar: 250 and 280 cm
    • Diameter: 12 cm
    • Flexible during assembly
    • Easy direction changes
    • No restrictions in numbers of cross-members
  • Paddock rails

    Our ingeniously simple solution for rails and barriers consists of just two things, vertical posts and cross-members. The posts are concreted into place then cross-members are pushed easily into the ready-made recesses and bolted into place. Corners and direction changes can be easily created by installing two end posts.
    • Post dimensions: 12 x 12 x 150 cm
    • Crossbar dimensions 8 x 225 cm
    • Rails with a modular design
    • Gives excellent lifetime value
    • Ideal for animal enclosures
    • Combinable for many purposes
  • Pale and Post

    Fence boards and fence posts are impervious to the influence of weather and soil contact. The posts can be set directly into the ground. Pales made of recycled plastic can also be used for repairs, provided an existing support structure is still intact. Our fence boards and posts are delivered with rounded off heads as standard.
    • Length of pales: 60 to 150 cm
    • Length of fence posts: 75 to 200 cm
    • Profile measurements: 2 x 6 cm and 3 x 10 cm
    • Matching fence posts: 9 x 9 cm
    • Maintenance-free
    • Never paint again
  • Pasture Fence

    Quality can be this convenient. This classic pasture fence is very easy to install: simply insert the crossbars (3 or 5 pieces) into the recesses of the posts, lock each with a screw and you’re finished! In addition, the posts and boards are not only made of the hard-wearing, long-lasting, but they are also reinforced. A really tough fence. Corners and direction changes can be implemented by installing pasture fence connectors.
    • Post dimensions: 11 x 10 x 230 cm
    • Dimensions of crossbars: 4.2 x 12 x 250 cm
    • Option of 3 or 5 crossbars
    • Simple bar inserting system ensures quick installment
    • Extremely stable because of reinforcement
  • Pasture fence gate

    This padded gate will withstand a lot. Because it is made of the highly robust, which is reinforced by a reinforcement. In conjunction with the proven effective locking mechanism, you have the guarantee that nobody ausüxt.
    • Dimensions (L x D x H): 394 x 12 x 250 cm
    • Available with 3 or 5 cross bars
    • Brown posts with galvanized steel for highest stability
    • Bite- and weather resistant
    • User friendly construction
  • Picket fence panel

    Fence building is child’s play with fence panels. Easy to fit, good-looking and maintenance-free. No more painting!
    • Various styles
    • Available in various sizes
    • Fence-building made easy
    • Weather-resistant
    • The permanent solution
  • Round post

    Building a paddock rail, pasture fence or animal enclosure with has some very persuasive advantages. Of course, it’s extremely strong, durable and weather-resistant, but there’s also no need to worry about health hazards due harmful preservatives or injuries due to splinters. Best of all? Most animals just don’t like to chew recycled plastic!
    • Diameter: Between 4.5 cm and 15 cm
    • Lengths: Between 50 and 290 cm depending on the model
    • Optional reinforcement for Ø 8 cm profiles
    • The standard fence building post
    • Posts never need to be replaced again
  • Screen / Privacy fence

    Reinforced posts provide the structural framework for our screen/privacy fence. The posts are pre-grooved to work as corners, end posts or between panels and they’re covered by a stylish cap. Tongue and groove boards slot easily between posts and the bottom board is held stable by a centre support. It’s an easy way to fence a wide variety of landscapes.
    • Panel length: 200 cm (axis measurement)
    • Panel height: 195 cm (15 x tongue and groove boards)
    • Perfect system with field, corner and end posts
    • Easy assembly
    • Maintenance-free
    • Attractive privacy protection
  • Square post

    Square posts are perfectly suited for building fences. They’re consistent, safety conscious and incredibly durable. If you need additional strength, choose the 9 x 9 cm profiles reinforced with steel tubing.
    • Lengths: Between 100 and 290 cm depending on the model
    • Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm, 7 x 7 cm and 9 x 9 cm
    • Optional reinforcement for 9 x 9 cm profiles
    • Weather-resistant
    • Numerous areas of use
  • Ultra board profile

    We supply our high-grade Ultra board in all the most commonly-used sizes. The wide selection is just one of the benefits of choosing Ultra. Its ability to span larger gaps is another big advantage as well as durability, easy handling and high quality finish.
    • Lengths: Up to 360 cm depending on the model
    • Numerous widths and thicknesses
    • High grade blend of materials
    • Homogeneous surface texture
    • Quality appearance
    • Easy to handle
  • Ultra pale

    Ultra pales are particularly impressive to look at. They’re often mistaken for real wood but have very different properties. They don’t rot, splinter, crack or shrink and they don’t need re-painting every couple of years.
    • Lengths: Between 90 and 360 cm
    • Long-lasting appearance
    • Ideal for schools and playgrounds
    • Can be used to repair existing fences
    • Easy to handle
  • Woven privacy screen

    A privacy screen protects your private area from curious eyes and additionally you can hide many things behind this screen, which nobody wants to see, like garbage cans or gardening tools. The modern privacy screen remembers of wood fences, but without its disadvantages such as rotting, high maintenance, harmful substances during painting or varnishing and danger of splinter injuries. privacy screen elements are robust, environmentally friendly and easy to handle. They convince with their attractive appearance. Two different versions are available: HAZEL, basketwork of round bars or RIBBON, basketwork of flat tapes.
    • Width: 150 cm
    • Height: 180 cm
    • With round or flat wickerwork
    • Easy construction
    • Maintenance free
    • Without risk of splinters
    • Decorative wind- and view protection