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  • Ogee palisade

    Ogee palisades are designed for edging. Playing fields, sandboxes, paths, flowerbeds or ponds, they can survive all kinds of weather and do not rot or splinter. They’re made without any hazardous chemicals, are non-toxic, non-polluting, maintenance-free, easy to handle and don’t require any heavy equipment.
    • Lengths: Between 30 and 250 cm depending on diameter
    • Diameter: 6.8 cm, 10 cm, 11 cm, 13 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm and 20 cm
    • More durable than wood, lighter than concrete
  • Round Palisade

    Make a difference with round palisades. They’re incredibly versatile and great for green spaces, gardens, fences, playgrounds, pavements, walkways and access routes. These simple but effective palisades are sturdy, reasonably priced, weather-resistant, durable, non-toxic and maintenance-free.
    • Lengths: Between 30 and 280 cm
    • Diameter: 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm
    • No hazardous preservatives
    • Splinter-free
    • Flexible in use
    • Easy to install