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  • Acetylene

    Popular for heating, cutting and gas welding.

    Acetylene is an industry standard fuel gas which you can use to give an incredibly high flame temperature; consequently providing faster cutting speeds, increasing productivity and improving cut quality.
    Additionally, with the ability to provide a neutral flame, it is also the most versatile fuel gas, making it ideal for welding, heat treating, brazing, cutting and heating. We supply a number of cylinder sizes which are suitable for a wide variety of industrial operations, from a portable 10 litre for on-site fabrication to the larger 50 litre cylinders which suit heavier cutting applications both fitted with a BS4 valve. Please note that in accordance to the Acetylene Safety Regulations 2014, flashback arrestors must be fitted when connected to Oxygen-Acetylene equipment. We can also supply a wide range of safety equipment including acetone resistant hose (red), which will help you adhere to all Acetylene safety guidelines in place by the BCGA and HSE.
  • Argon

    Versatile inert shielding and purging gas.

    Argon is most commonly used in TIG and MIG welding applications.
    Being a totally inert, high density gas, Argon provides maximum flexibility when TIG welding all weldable metals. For MIG welding, it is mostly used for reactive metals such as aluminium. We supply Argon packaged in single cylinders; from compact 10 litre cylinders to our larger 50 litre heavy duty industrial cylinders.
  • Helium

    Leak detecting, laser welding and much more.

    Most commonly known for filling balloons, Helium is one of the lightest gases due to it’s low density and small atom radius, this is why it is particularly good at finding leaks in pressurised systems.
    Helium is chemically inert, which makes it a suitable component in shielding gases for a number of welding applications. The high thermal conductivity and high ionisation potential results in fast weld speeds and fantastic plasma suppression, the preferred option for high power laser welding. Supplied at a pressure of 200 bar in 10, 20 or 50 litre cylinders to suit your business needs.
  • Oxygen

    Pair with a fuel gas for maximum versatility.

    Oxygen is most commonly known as a gas which aids combustion for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering.
    Sometimes, you can also use this gas as an assist gas for plasma/laser cutting mild steel, or thermal lancing of masonry (brick, concrete and stone). Using Oxygen with a fuel gas (such as Acetylene) produces a much higher flame temperature than when used with other fuel gas types, and supports combustion of materials that would not ordinarily burn. we supply single cylinders in a variety of sizes; 10 litre to 50 litre which are fitted with industry standard BS3 valves, the perfect product for mobile applications. This product is not suitable for medical use and there are many materials which are not compatible with Oxygen, therefore we urge you to comply with all safe working practices when using Oxygen in your workplace.
  • Sureshield 15

    Versatile shielding gas for mild steel.

    A shielding tri-mix for MIG/MAG welding low alloy, carbon manganese and sheet carbon steels, Sureshield 15 performs best on thicker sections of 6mm and over.
    Sureshield 15 provides excellent penetration characteristics, reduced spatter, wire consumption and post-weld work. This versatile shielding gas is also very tolerant to variations in weld setting parameters. Supplied in two heavy duty pack options for fixed installations/high consumption industries, and our range of single cylinders ideally suited for the back of welding trolleys to provide maximum mobility in the workshop. For materials thicker than 10mm, we would recommend looking at our Sureshield 20. Alternatively, if you are using sheet metal, you may be better suited with our Sureshield 5.
  • Sureshield 20

    Strong and robust carbon steel welding gas.

    Sureshield 20 is one of our heavy duty MIG/MAG shielding gases, designed for sheet carbon, low alloy and carbon manganese steels of a thickness over 10mm.
    With the highest percentage of Carbon Dioxide in the Sureshield range, this product is best suited when deep penetration is required. Sureshield 20 provides superb arc stability as well as strong, reliable welds. Sureshield 20 is available in our range of standard industrial cylinders, all fitted with a BS3 valve for maximum compatibility in your business. This gas can also be supplied in our VIPR range, a cylinder with integrated regulator, designed for maximum safety, speed and control. In addition, this gas is also available in two packs – 11 x 50 litre (at 230 bar) and 12 x 50 litre (at 300 bar) – perfect for heavy welding in large use industries and automated welding solutions. For thinner materials, we would recommend looking at our Sureshield 5 and Sureshield 15.
  • Sureshield 5

    Perfect choice for thin carbon steel welding.

    Offering optimal results for MIG/MAG welding, Sureshield 5 is the go to shielding gas for low alloy, carbon manganese and thin sheet carbon steels.
    Additionally, Sureshield 5 provides excellent weld pool control, improved welding at low voltages and low spatter levels which result in reduced wire consumption and less post-weld work. Coupled with the capability of spray, dip and pulse transfer, the gas offers versatility with professional quality. For materials thicker than 6mm, we would recommend looking at our Sureshield 15 and Sureshield 20.