Open Fire

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  • Brazier Coal 20kg Bag

    Value for money, easy to light, low ash, attractive flame, smokeless fuel, Manufactured briquette made from anthracite.
  • E Coal 20kg Bag

    The world’s most environmentally friendly solid fuel. Made from 50% renewable material, produces 40% less co2, 80% less smoke, 38% greater heat than traditional house coal, manufactured briquette.
  • Firelite Bricketts Coal 20kg Bag

    3-inch Firelite (union) briketts. Complement/alternative to wood. Easy to light, bright lively flame, longer burning and very low sulphur.
  • House Coal 20kg Bag

    Selected consistently high quality, high volatile, high heat, value for money fuel, Not Smokeless.
  • Housefire Coal 20kg Bag

    Market leading smokeless fuel for open fire and multi fuel stoves. Excellent sustained heat output, lasts up to 40% longer than traditional house coal, good flame, upto 80% less smoke and 25% less co2 emission than coal, low ash, manufactured briquette.
  • Mixed Ovoids Coal 20kg Bag

    A blend of quality smokeless fuels of Taybrite, Pnurmacite and Homefire for use in a wide range of applicances, including open fires, heaters, multi-fuels stoves and boilers.